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Artist, Rosemary Craig with her Mother, Gladys Craig

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Artist, Rosemary Craig


It’s amazing – the power of a parent’s belief and encouragement.

When I was six years old, I handed my mother a drawing I had just finished of a Coke bottle. We were at the bowling alley, where she and my father were in the middle of league play. She seemed so astounded by the little pencil drawing, showing it to all her friends and going on and on about it. That little drawing and her reaction to it were the catalysts launching me into my lifelong passion... art.

Prior to 2015, my subject matter of choice was always the simplicity and conversely, the complexity of nature. The trees, earth, sky, rain, etc... this place we call earth has always had me transfixed.

I worked primarily in representational watercolor initially. I found the medium had a mind of its own and forced me, a former illustrator and art director, to focus my attention on the essence of the details, rather than the literal details of what I saw. 

In 2013 I began to work more abstractly. No longer did I simply paint the visual beauty of things of nature, but the way they make me feel. The peace, tranquility, sometimes fear and awe, and so much more. This period was an awakening for me, discovering how fulfilling it was to lay my emotions on the paper, and soon after, acrylic on canvas. My technique for my acrylic pieces is similar to my watercolors, as I cannot escape my love of watermedia's spontaneity. The paint and I are nearly equal partners in the creative process, working together congruously. I sometimes feel as though the paint is actually in charge. 

I continue to take nearly all of my inspiration from nature. Its patience, determination, resolve and utter honesty serve as daily lessons for me. Whenever I feel lost, burdened or negative in any way, I simply step outside and
I am renewed and inspired.

My one consistent hope when I finish a piece, is that the joy, excitement or peace
 I feel while creating it, either in watercolor or acrylic, moves the viewer in a similarly profound way.

Rosemary Craig

Artist, Rosemary Craig
Solo exhibit - Physician's Clinic of Iowa

Rosemary Craig has been a student of art all her life.

Having practiced and studied as much as was allowed during her Catholic schooling, Rose continued her studies at Iowa State University College of Design in Ames, Mount Mercy College and Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as well as numerous workshops and classes. Working with, and studying under accomplished artists, Bob Naujoks, John Beckelman, Jo Myers Walker, Joe Messner, Dick Grodt, and many more.

Craig began her professional life at 17, working as an intern in the Graphics Department of the Cedar Rapids School Board. She continued her career as an Art Director in the advertising industry, working for (among others) CMF&Z Advertising, a Young & Rubicam Company.

In 2000, her desire to return to her fine art compelled her to open a local gallery, Rosebud Gallery & Gardens, featuring the work of local and regional artists. Though the gallery closed after 1 1/2 years, focus on her fine art was undeterred and the process of building a current body of work was underway.

In 2014, after returning to the Midwest from Spokane, Washington, Craig began

 showing her work at various venues and teaching in the Cedar Rapids area. Of her

time in the Inland and Pacific Northwest, "my time there was personally painful, but so fed my artist spirit. It proved to be instrumental in the development

of my work".