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rosewood organics

Rosewood Organics was born in 2010, when Stephanie Brandenburg

(Art Director with a textile company in Canada at the time), produced

my first fabric collection, Earth Elements, in quilting cotton.  
Stephanie had a great deal of knowledge and passion about the

quilting industry and its history.  She had been designing for the same

company for several years herself, and was excited and determined

to create and promote art on fabric.
The video to the right was produced by Stephanie Brandenburg, for

that company.  She created it for the sole purpose of promoting her

own art fabrics, Rosewood Organics' art fabrics, and several other 

artist/designers' art fabrics.

In 2012 Stephanie started her own fabric design and manufacturing 

company, Frond Design Studios.  My second fabric collection, 

Skylights launched in 2012 for Frond.  And in 2013, my third collection,
Aurora Borealis launched.  I took some time off, but my fourth

collection, Genesis became available in stores in July of 2015.

Rosewood Organics encompasses all of my design work now.  From fabrics to the quilt patterns I design for them.  

I've made many of my paintings available as digitally printed fabrics as well.  You can see those by clicking on my link below.

If you don't find what you're looking for there, send me an email and I can more than likely, make it available for you.

And if you'd like to order prints of my work to match your fabric or simply order prints in different colors, sizes and on different surfaces, check out my page...