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Artist, Rosemary Craig


bio (abbreviated)
Rosemary Craig studied fine art and design at Iowa State University College of Design in Ames, Mount Mercy University and Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as well as numerous workshops and classes throughout the midwest.

Craig began her professional life at 17, working as an intern in the Graphics Department of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa School Board. She continued her career as an Art Director in the advertising industry, but in 2000, her desire to return to her fine art compelled her to open a local studio/gallery. The hope was to begin building a current body of work and feature the work of local and regional artists. Though the gallery closed after 1 1/2 years, focus on her fine art was undeterred and the process of building a body of work was underway.

In 2014, after returning to the Midwest from Spokane, Washington, Craig began showing her work at various venues and teaching in the Cedar Rapids area. Of her time in the Inland and Pacific Northwest, "my time there was personally painful, but so fed my artist spirit. It proved to be instrumental in the development of my work".

In 2015, Rose began working exclusively in abstract acrylics, finding this medium and style gave her work the voice it seemed to lack previously. These are the paintings you'll find today in galleries and shows that represent her work. 

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​artist statement (abbreviated)
My style of painting (often referred to as action painting) involves intentionally throwing, pouring, dripping, etc. the paint onto a canvas lying flat. My work is very spontaneous but purposeful. Since my work in acrylics is born of many years working with watercolors, my pieces can sometimes resemble a watercolor, with unpainted portions of the canvas or negative space.  

Even though I paint abstracts, I find all my inspiration in and from the minutia in nature and its similarities to the human condition. Those things and happenings in the natural world that oftentimes go unnoticed or are simply not seen with the eye. We as humans, forget we are of nature. So many of humanity’s problems are solved every day in the natural world. Or they never occur in the first place because of the efficiencies of nature and the natural respect found there.​​

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